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신규 아이템 상품 리스트
  • 34537 - Emotional label Silver no.400 Baby
    [Coat] S, M, L
  • No collar made with soft fake mink Percot baby line ♥ Even the color is sweet and lovely Sensitive label 쏭 It is the baby fur coat that can feel her sweet mood ^^ * Recommended ~~~ !!!!!
  • $52.50

  • 34437 - Emotional label Silver no.400 Mom
  • ♥ Please feel her emotions in a long time ♥ No soft collar made of soft fake minks.
  • $77.49

  • 34598 - Emotional label Silver no.400 Promotion
  • Mom and Couple look 1 + 1 purchase, 20% discount discount !!!!! No collar made of soft fake mink. Fur coat. ♥ Color is sweet and lovely.
  • $103.74

  • 34428 - Emotional label Silver no.399
    [Jacket] [black label] [Limited Edition]
  • [Limited edition] Wool, Alpaca It is a classic line jacket that you can feel the luxurious texture with mixed use. Anyone can enjoy it freely with a relaxed pit and is highly recommended product with unique high quality of emotional label ♥
  • $247.48

  • 34131 - Emotional label Silver no.390
    [Jacket] [black label] [Handmade]
  • Neat pit Feel free to wear a jacket ♥ Wool 70% As high as the content is sweet Chocolate The color jacket, 쏭 The short jacket that snatched her mind.
  • $209.98

  • 34161 - Emotional label Silver no.393
    [Jacket] [black label] [Handmade]
  • Wool 70% content - Wool is also warmer - ♥ Both pit and quality guarantee The handmade jacket that we had a lot of inquiries before the update! Neat It would be too gratifying because of the silhouette.
  • $209.98

  • 34242 - Emotional label Silver no.395
  • The emotional jacket that I rushed through before the update! It is made of luxurious buttons, and the quality is extraordinarily attractive with extra detail. Good quality to price. Good value 2000% ♥
  • $222.48

  • 34127 - Emotional label Silver no.388
    [Pants] [Mid-October Estimate storage / sequential delivery] S, M, L [maternity pants]
  • [Maternity pants] The first pregnant women's pants shown in 쏭 쏭 쏭 ♥ 쏭 She is highly recommended line, I believe you should order it ^ ^ High Quality Hair band made by the brand factory Maternity dot pants! Please take possession.
  • $73.74

  • 34125 - Emotional label Silver no.387
    [Jacket] [black label]
  • She is a strong recommendation item for anyone who can wear comfortably and beautifully with her boyfits ^^ Neat line without pants is good for pants as well as One Piece and Skirt various items.
  • $211.23

  • 34103 - Emotional label Silver no.385
    [Cardigan] [Open event 15% discount !! Order in burst!]
  • It is the cardigan which is going through from the update before the update ^^ You can feel the soft soft touch with the wool and nylon blended appropriately.
  • $73.74

  • 31516 - Emotional label Silver no.324
    [Cardigan] [Accident surging at the same time as the update!]
  • [1st complete / 2nd pre-ordering] Later ♥ Neat The cardigan that was loved throughout the season by the elegant texture of the silhouette in the silhouette. Black / Blue I'm in a lot of orders at the same time as wearing extra!
  • $77.49

  • 33970 - Emotional label Silver no.380
    [Cardigan] Open at the same time! (2nd open !!)
  • Cardigan finished! I have always loved the cardigan every season, so I also prepared it in pretty colors. Open at the same time, 1st, 2nd complete! Do not hesitate to order ~ ~ Please coordinate this winter warmly!
  • $77.49

  • 34023 - Emotional label Silver no.383
    [Blouse] [black label]
  • It's a black label blouse that has been sampled for a long time. You can feel the luxurious mood of 쏭 쏭 쏭 로 with the design and quality that you could not easily see in Korea ♥
  • $96.24

  • 33979 - Emotional label Silver no.381
  • It is knit which naturally envelops body with elasticity. From the season of the season to the winter, the inside of the outerwear is light and comfortable to wear.
  • $72.49

  • 34130 - Emotional label Silver no.389
    [Jacket] [black label] [Handmade]
  • Early closing when sold out !! It is a modernistic mood sensitive label jacket with soft touch + color. :) Wool It is good to warm in Wool with 70% content. It is a midi cap that covers the pit and the hip of a leisurely pace, and it is recommended as the daily look ♥
  • $77.49 (sold out)

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