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신규 아이템 상품 리스트
  • 34428 - Emotional label Silver no.399
    [Jacket] [black label] [Limited Edition]
  • [Limited edition] Wool, Alpaca It is a classic line jacket that you can feel the luxurious texture with mixed use. Anyone can enjoy it freely with a relaxed pit and is highly recommended product with unique high quality of emotional label ♥
  • $247.48

  • 34131 - Emotional label Silver no.390
    [Jacket] [black label] [Handmade]
  • Neat pit Feel free to wear a jacket ♥ Wool 70% As high as the content is sweet Chocolate The color jacket, 쏭 The short jacket that snatched her mind.
  • $209.98

  • 34161 - Emotional label Silver no.393
    [Jacket] [black label] [Handmade]
  • Wool 70% content - Wool is also warmer - ♥ Both pit and quality guarantee The handmade jacket that we had a lot of inquiries before the update! Neat It would be too gratifying because of the silhouette.
  • $209.98

  • 34130 - Emotional label Silver no.389
    [Jacket] [black label] [Handmade]
  • It is a modernistic mood sensitive label jacket with soft touch + color. :) Wool It is good to warm in Wool with 70% content. It is a midi cap that covers the pit and the hip of a leisurely pace, and it is recommended as the daily look ♥
  • $209.98

  • 34242 - Emotional label Silver no.395
  • The emotional jacket that I rushed through before the update! It is made of luxurious buttons, and the quality is extraordinarily attractive with extra detail. Good quality to price. Good value 2000% ♥
  • $222.48

  • 34127 - Emotional label Silver no.388
    [Pants] [Mid-October Estimate storage / sequential delivery] S, M, L [maternity pants]
  • [Maternity pants] The first pregnant women's pants shown in 쏭 쏭 쏭 ♥ 쏭 She is highly recommended line, I believe you should order it ^ ^ High Quality Hair band made by the brand factory Maternity dot pants! Please take possession.
  • $73.74

  • 34125 - Emotional label Silver no.387
    [Jacket] [black label]
  • She is a strong recommendation item for anyone who can wear comfortably and beautifully with her boyfits ^^ Neat line without pants is good for pants as well as One Piece and Skirt various items.
  • $211.23

  • 34103 - Emotional label Silver no.385
    [Cardigan] [Open event 15% discount !! Order in burst!]
  • It is the cardigan which is going through from the update before the update ^^ You can feel the soft soft touch with the wool and nylon blended appropriately.
  • $73.74

  • 31516 - Emotional label Silver no.324
    [Cardigan] [Accident surging at the same time as the update!]
  • [1st complete / 2nd pre-ordering] Later ♥ Neat The cardigan that was loved throughout the season by the elegant texture of the silhouette in the silhouette. Black / Blue I'm in a lot of orders at the same time as wearing extra!
  • $77.49

  • 33970 - Emotional label Silver no.380
    [Cardigan] Open at the same time! (2nd open !!)
  • Cardigan finished! I have always loved the cardigan every season, so I also prepared it in pretty colors. Open at the same time, 1st, 2nd complete! Do not hesitate to order ~ ~ Please coordinate this winter warmly!
  • $77.49

  • 34023 - Emotional label Silver no.383
    [Blouse] [black label]
  • It's a black label blouse that has been sampled for a long time. You can feel the luxurious mood of 쏭 쏭 쏭 로 with the design and quality that you could not easily see in Korea ♥
  • $96.24

  • 33979 - Emotional label Silver no.381
  • It is knit which naturally envelops body with elasticity. From the season of the season to the winter, the inside of the outerwear is light and comfortable to wear.
  • $72.49

  • 34339 - Emotional label Silver no.398
    [Coat] [black label] [Handmade] [Limited quantity] Small quantity left
  • It is a Neat color long coat that you can feel soft and luxurious texture. ♥ As a limited edition handmade product, it is good to match high quality and also it is good to match here and there ^
  • $262.48
    $209.98 (sold out)

  • 34121 - Emotional label Silver no.386
    [Coat] [black label] [Handmade]
  • It is already hot and long, and the sleeves line is uniquely unique, so take this Winter style with a handmade coat that is 200% chic and trendy color.
  • $312.47
    $249.98 (sold out)

  • 34132 - Emotional label Silver no.391
    [Coat] [black label] [Handmade]
  • [55/66/77] Before the update, we rush in! It is already hot ♥ The long line is unique and the sleeve line is unique. The value of the collection 200% The stylish handmade coat with trendy color appeals the winter style!
  • $312.47
    $249.98 (sold out)

  • 34175 - Emotional label Silver no.394
  • The cardigan that you are inquiring from before the update, you can feel the soft and warm feeling with the fabric that the mint color prepared wool and nylon are appropriately blended.
  • $77.49
    $61.99 (sold out)

  • 34136 - Emotional label Silver no.392
    [Coat] [black label] [Handmade]
  • Long coat with long detail that you can feel trendy charm with check detail !! Retail line is unique, 200% of the value of possession Handmade coat with stylish and charming color make this winter style look good!
  • $361.22
    $288.98 (sold out)

  • 34244 - Emotional label Silver no.396
  • It is an emotional label skirt which increased the warmth by the wool content. The pregnant women are also made to various sizes to be able to wear beautifully, so they can wear comfortably regardless of size ^ ^
  • $84.99
    $67.99 (sold out)

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