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2018 sale

신규 아이템 상품 리스트
  • 34033 - Emotional label Silver no.384
  • Directed to the mood of the body is soft and winding silhouette! Polyurea blends nylon with rayon to make it comfortable and comfortable to wear. Striped T-shirt
  • $41.25

  • 34017 - Blick Evan's Skinny Pants
    S (55), M (66)
  • My sister-in-law's umbrella item ♥ 쫀쫀 and elasticity itself is good. The cut detail on the hem and the waist detail are unblended detail.
  • $40.00

  • 34029 - Haim Secret Nash Knit
  • It is a one-half-pitched, sophisticated, high-necked ♥ body wrapped in a double-edged voile twice while gently wrapping the body in a resilient manner, creating a charming silhouette and Chic atmosphere :)
  • $28.75

  • 34028 - Rubber Hearts Trench Long coat
  • The basic trench coat is a coat with a cutting tee tail point. :) As soon as you fit your shoulder into the shoulder, you will have a nice sparkling ♥ BasicTrench.
  • $72.49

  • 34026 - Ellis Tweed Round Knit
  • It is thin round knit in basic silhouette :) It is good to match without fear of calm color styling, and emphasizes femininity with neckline shirring detail :)
  • $35.00

  • 34022 - Blossom Original Cut Pants Cotton Pants
    [Pants] XS (44), S (55), M (66), L (77), XL (88)
  • [Fascinating pants !! As soon as you raise your order!] The skirt is a trendy and slim skirt with slim skirt design that makes your legs look slim and beautiful! Feel free to coordinate with everyone in the semi-boots line ^ ^ ♥
  • $36.25 (sold out)

  • 34015 - Phillies Modern Race Hooded Long Skirt
  • It is a romantic Race skirt to wear a feminine mood. Bending design, as well as comfort, and tension sense is good, I like to wear regardless of size to anyone!
  • $59.99 (sold out)

  • 33963 - Wishplane Knit Vest
  • Knit Vest ♥ Shoulder line with tight texture and stable fit is calm and moderately relaxed pit, and it is also excellent in terms of functionality, so now seems to be the perfect timing :)
  • $36.25

  • 33990 - Elbright Louis V-neck Pattern Long Dress
  • Black dot dress with a lovely feeling ♥ If the wind blows cold, you can enjoy it without the feeling of stuffiness because of the light texture blowing ^ ^ Waist banding makes it possible to wear pregnant women too! This item is highly recommended.
  • $45.00 (sold out)

  • 33956 - All Haim Mov Karanit
  • Zero with a grimace! It is easy to wear with a sense of stretch. It is lovely to use it as a thick feeling to wear lightly in the season of autumn and winter season ♥ It is lovely
  • $40.00

  • 33951 - Creamy Corrugated Banquette
  • Feel like a fluffy and feather-like bouncy paola neck ♥ stretch + voile + upscale quality! I recommend it as a daily item with basic coloring :)
  • $28.75

  • 33958 - Mildren's Herringbone Jacket
  • Haringbone material and manic fit jacket that can be worn in chic ♥ The material itself is strong and strong, so the quality is high :) With the same tone of the bottom, you will look stylish even if you set it up with a set-up look.
  • $77.49

  • 33955 - Tees Slacks Pants
  • It is good to wear to the daily without the weight, and the effect of the pinch wrinkle that the leg line seems to be long! Slacks ♥ good to wear in high-waist design
  • $48.75

  • 33954 - Plain Berhafjaket
  • It's a natural black Fit Black Half Jacket that falls loosely. Simple design and light weight make it comfortable jacket for anyone to wear comfortably ♥ It will be nice to match one piece.
  • $64.99

  • 33942 - Envinho Shot Patterns Top Long Skirt
  • You feel like you're wearing a dress? It is also recommended as a single item, and it is very recommended for a set composition. It is possible to wear maternity ♥
  • $86.24

  • 33938 - Checkout Tailored jackets
  • Vivid Check It is a jacket that is created in a unique atmosphere. :) Pitt is slippery, and the material is solid, so you can keep it pretty all day without falling down. ♥
  • $73.74

  • 33935 - Bismillao Button Cardigan
  • It is a product that can be worn in atmosphere because it is beige tone. I do not want to be slim or slim, but I have a regular size.
  • $48.75

  • 33895 - William Tates Wide Fit Denim Pants
    [Pants] S (55), M (66)
  • ♥ I feel good at the moment when I wear it with the texture of the sky in the sky. It is a nice wash-out pit denim pants. It is good for anyone to enjoy it freely ^ ^ Because of the high waist design, the leg line seems to be ridiculously long!
  • $38.75

  • 33894 - Mood Bubble Round Knit
  • Thickness is thin, rather it is a round knit that features a pretty loose silhouette that can be worn without limitation because it keeps pretty pit even when layering or outer matching. :)
  • $28.75

  • 33912 - Juicy Melody Patterns Rong skirt
  • It is a Leopard long skirt which is not burdened to wear. ♥ It is very good quality of caustic rain. Please match with basic items with a feeling of daily use
  • $35.00

  • 33911 - Eight Mermaid Pinch Round Knit
  • I'll introduce you to a knitwear that is comfortable and comfortable to wear :) It is a slim fit pit, but it is a good fit for me to regulate it rather moderately.
  • $28.75

  • 33908 - Wiganrots Unveiled Denim Jacket
  • I will introduce denim jacket with a unique design when it is stylish :) I will give you a long leg look when worn with a stingray. It is good to wear it comfortably because it is the length which covers the heap by unguard design.
  • $61.24

  • 33901 - Emotional label Silver no.379
  • ♥ Blouse of dot pattern with dry touch and Vivid color feeling ♥ It is more stylish than classical feeling of non-regular pattern and emphasizes classical feeling, and it feels luxurious!
  • $73.74 (sold out)

  • 33891 - Nokablo Suspender denim pants
    [Suspender Pants]
  • There is hardly any stretch, but it's a semi-boots cut style that falls with regret, and the legs are long and thin. ♥ I put a scratch detail on one side and it is stylish! It is a good item to coordinate throughout the four seasons!
  • $42.50

  • 33890 - Cold Suede Choker T-shirt
  • The choker neck details are nice and soft and polo t-shirts that can be fascinating. Busty and crunchy material with good texture touch! If you actually take it, it will be more amazing ^ ^
  • $22.50

  • 33888 - Edge Heats Round Knit
  • Knit with no fuss !! It is light sleek silhouette which does not seem to be sleeveless. It is good design so it can be coordinated in all seasons except midsummer.
  • $26.25

  • 33887 - Pony pops suspender pants
    [Suspender Pants]
  • It is suspenders pants with excellent durability with 90% terylene content. It is easy to coordinate with T-shirt and knit with neat color and basic design.
  • $40.00

  • 33886 - Moist Mel Stripe Knit
  • 쫀 쫀 쫀 쫀 쫀 쫀 - Once stretchy, it is a very pretty Stripe knit that will be twice the quality of the fabric! Thick fabrics, but from winter to winter ♥
  • $32.50

  • 33883 - Saving Dill Round T-shirt
  • The more you look at it, the more beautiful it looks. Cotton 100% material touches the skin is soft and comfortable!
  • $33.75

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